Manon with a hazelnut twist and caramel ganache

Here's a twist of the classic manon. The traditional walnut has been swapped for a crunchy hazelnut praline and chocolate base. And the buttercream is replaced with a caramel chocolate ganache. The end result is equally indulgent though.


Created by
  • Robrecht Wolters - Chef and food consultant Belgium

Manon with a hazelnut twist and caramel ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 150g

Melt and pre-crystallise the chocolate.

  • 40g
    Pure Roasted Hazelnut Paste
  • 25g
    Hazelnut Praline
  • 20g
    Pailleté Feuilletine

Mix the chocolate with the PNP, PRA-CLAS and M-7PAIL. Spread out onto a paper lined plate +/- 3 mm thick. Allow to harden. Cut out circles of 25 mm.

  • 150g
  • 300g
    Caramel Callets™

Bring the cream to the boil and add the callets. Mix well and pre-crystallise the ganache until pipeable. Pipe the filling onto the chocolate plates. Allow to harden in the cooling at 10°C.

  • 250g

Dip the pralines in the pre-crystallised chocolate.

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