Fortina and arabica mousse

We feel the urge to quote Peter Hernou, championing latte artist: 'coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven'. You'll find that they truly are when trying this recipe, using Callebaut's blend of origins Fortina. A dark chocolate that pairs extremely well with coffees.


Created by
  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

Chocolate sponge

Ingredients Preparation
  • 230g
    egg yolks
  • 190g

Beat together.

  • 60g
  • 45g
    Cocoa powder
  • 40g

Sieve and fold in.

  • 100g
    melted butter

Mix in (cold).

  • 240g
    egg white
  • 40g

Beat together and fold in delicately.

Spread out on a baking tray and bake at 190°C for 15 min. Leave to cool and cut to the desired shape and size.

Fortina chocolate mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 75g
    sugar syrup 30 baume
  • 50g
    egg yolks
  • 140g

Heat to 60°C and mix with a hand mixer. Melt at 50°C and add to the egg mixture.

  • 275g
    whipped cream

Fold in delicately.

Arabica crémeux

Ingredients Preparation
  • 295g
  • 30g
    ground Arabica coffee

Bring to the boil and leave to infuse.

  • 70g
  • 100g
    egg yolks

Mix in and heat to 85°C under continuous stirring.

  • 30g
    rehydrated gelatin

Mix in.

Dress in Flexipan® half-spheres n°1489 and put in the freezer.

Coffee gel sauce

Ingredients Preparation
  • 280g
    neutral gel
  • 90g
  • 8g
    natural coffee extract

Bring to the boil together.

  • 12g
    rehydrated gelatin powder

Mix in.

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