Bed of roses

Now here’s a drink that’s all moonlight and roses – almost literally! The intense dark chocolate drink in it is infused with rose syrup for a refreshing floral accent, which is highlighted even more by the absolutely delicious rose water-flavoured whipped cream on top. Decorating the whole with a few Mini ChocRocks™ or Chocolate Blossoms adds texture and crunch, giving the rose-flavoured drink that delightful bit of extra your customers will really appreciate.


Created by
  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

Bed of roses

Ingredients Preparation
  • a fewdrop(s)
  • Q.S.
    whipped cream

Prepare freshly whipped cream with a few drops of rose water.

  • 230ml
  • 15ml
    rose syrup
  • 2spoon(s)
    Ground Dark Chocolate

Fill a milk pitcher with the ingredients and steam up to ± 72°C. Pour and finish with the whipped cream.

  • Q.S.
    Blossoms Dark
  • Q.S.
    Mini ChocRocks™

Top off with the Mini ChocRocks™ or Chocolate Blossoms.

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