Churros & hazelnut mayonaise

Churros make an authentic Spanish breakfast pastry. Traditionally they're served with a thick, hot chocolate dip. In this variation, we tuned the sauce and gave it a sweet hazelnut twist.


Created by
  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux


Ingredients Preparation
  • 320g
  • 160g
  • 4g

Mix together and bring to the boil.

  • 320g

Add flour and stir until dry.
Take away from the heat.

  • 200g
    whole egg(s)

Mix in the eggs.

Fill a piping bag with the batter (use a star nozzle). Pipe out churros in frying oil. Fry only very short and leave to leak out on kitchen paper. Enrobe with cinnamon sugar and serve together with the mayonaise.

Hazelnut mayonaise

Ingredients Preparation
  • 360g
  • 120g
    invert sugar

Heat together in the Thermomix (40°C).

  • 385g
    Pure Roasted Hazelnut Paste

Mix in the paste until well emulsified.

  • 135g

Leave to cool until 36°C and mix in the Mycryo® and the salt.
Leave to rest and put aside in small serving pots.

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