Quetzal's Aztec Chocolate

There's no hot chocolate like a real Belgian hot chocolate. This signature recipe of the Quetzal chocolate bars in Belgium combines steamed frothy milk foam with a rich dark chocolate and a dash of chili. Mmmmh!


Created by
  • Guy Van Puyvelde - Chef and owner of Quetzal Group

Quetzal's Aztec chocolate

Ingredients Preparation
  • 160g
  • 60g

Fill the cup with liquid chocolate (40°C). Add a dash of fluffy milk foam in a cup. Fill the cup with steamed milk (75°C).

  • 0.5g
    ground chili pepper

Sprinkle on top of the chocolate. Stir well.

  • Q.S.
    whipped cream 35%
  • Q.S.

Top the drink with cream and Crispearls™ to the choice.

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