Chocolate mousse and mint

Simply, refreshing and ready in a blink of an eye: chocolate mousse with a surprising twist of mint. Served in small dessert glasses for a perfect refreshment to serve with coffee or afternoon tea.


Created by
  • Jos Lenaers - Chef and member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe

Chocolate mousse and mint

ingredients preparation
  • 1l
    low-fat milk

Heat up.

  • 1leaf/leaves

Soak in the milk. Leave to cool and strain through a sieve.

  • 800g

Mix with the minted milk. Whip the mixture for 4 minutes.

Pour into glasses straight away and leave to cool in the fridge for 90 mins.

Finishing and presentation

ingredients preparation
  • Q.S.

Finish with Callebaut ChocRocks™ and a leaf of mint dipped in sugar.

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