CARMA® Santa Belly Entremet

Almond Chocolate Biscuit

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
    Almond Paste 1:1
  • 200g
  • 60g
  • 30g
  • 2g
    Baking powder

Whisk the almond paste and eggs until smooth. Add melted butter, sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and fold in carefully.
Spread on a FLEXIPAN® mat (24 x 35cm) and bake at 165°C for approx. 20 minutes. Let cool down.


Salty Chocolate and Caramel Cream

Ingredients Preparation

Bring the cream and salt to the boil. Caramelize the glucose and sugar and add the clarified butter.
s soon as the butter has melted completely, add the cream with the salt. Add gelatin and pour the mixture over the chocolate.
Mix everything well with a hand mixer. Fill into silicone molds and place in the freezer.

CAUTION, it is a semi-solid cream that must be flash frozen before falling.


Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients Preparation

Heat milk and egg yolks to 85°C.
Add gelatin.
Pour the mixture over the Carmaduja mass and the melted couverture (35°C) and homogenize well.
At a temperature of 35°C, fold in the half-whipped cream. Fill into a piping bag.

White Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g
    Cream (Emmi)
  • 60g
  • 20g
  • 8g
  • 300g
    Rahm, half-whipped, Emmi

Make an English cream with cream, egg yolk and sugar. Add the soaked gelatine, pour over the couverture and homogenize well.
Allow to cool to approx. 25°C before folding in the whipped cream.


Structure and Decor

To achieve the velvety look, spray the buche with red-colored cocoa butter while it is frozen.

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