New WholeFruit

WholeFruit Chocolate is a fresh, fruity delight
made from 100% pure cacaofruit.

What types of WholeFruit Chocolate exist?

WholeFruit Chocolate comes in two variants:

  • WholeFruit Bold [100% Pure cacaofruit]
  • WholeFruit Velvety [100% Pure cacaofruit+Milk]


What does WholeFruit Chocolate taste like?

The taste of WholeFruit Bold is a punchy symphony of fresh fruitiness and deep chocolaty notes.

WholeFruit Velvety is a creamy, luscious chocolate, enveloping a gentle mix of [citrusy] freshness and [yellow] fruity notes.

Yellow Cacao Pod

What makes WholeFruit Chocolate unique?

Not only does it have a unique sensory and nutritional profile, it is also the most impactful chocolate since it valorizes a fruit that used to be partially discarded as waste.

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