Sparkles, designs and powders for unforgettable Christmas creations

Learn how to create personalized products for Christmas or any other seasonality. With convenient tools like transfer sheets, Power Flowers (coloring system) and colorful truffle powders you can create a powerful seasonal experience.
christmas transfeer sheets confectionery

Transfer sheets

Available in a wide variety of Christmas and winter patterns and colors, transfer sheets bring chocolate, bakery and (frozen) pastry to the next level. Edible designs in 1 to 5 colors are printed on PE, PVC or baking paper, to be transferred onto chocolate, pralines, cookies, macarons, brownies, and more!

Picking and printing colors in itself is easy; applying the rules that go with them is tougher. Color restrictions are both country-specific and market-specific, which makes the legislation quite complex. The Food Paint App provides clarity and converts the regulations into clear do’s and don’ts.

How does it work? Every color you can print with has its own specific description. It says exactly what you can and cannot do internationally when you print a certain color. Read more about our Food Paint App now and see it all for yourself!

IBC Festive Truffle Powders

Truffle Powders

Christmas is all about festive colors! These cocoa based Truffle Powders come in a range of regular and (NEW!) sparkling colors and are ideal for rolling or dusting chocolate shells, chocolate truffles, frozen desserts, marshmallows, doughnuts and other bakery, pastry or confectionery creations.

IBC sparkling Power Flowers confectionery

Sparkling Power Flowers

If you really want to bring a sparkle to Christmas, the range of Sparkling Power Flowers is your go-to tool. It comes in 4 colors: Gold, Silver, Red and Copper. They are excellent for finishing molded chocolates - with or without a spray gun - making glazing for pastry, coloring ice chocolate and spraying or speckling on pastry and frozen desserts.

Watch our Sparkling Power Flower playlist with video tutorials for pastry, confectionery and ice cream applications.

The success of the entire Power Flower range has led to an app that’s just as easy to use. The Power Flower App inspires and helps you pick your favorite shades. It even checks and double-checks the permitted color quota of your recipe. It’s a simple and safe backup that deals with all your doubts about rules or restrictions.

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