Single Origin
chocolate and cocoa

Single Origin cocoa pods

Single Origin
chocolate and cocoa

Consumers want to know where their food is coming from, and are looking for chocolate and cocoa with a story. We offer a vast range of Single Origin chocolate and cocoa for you to discover.

Chocolate and cocoa with a story

Today, consumers look for authentic experiences in their everyday life, including in their food. They are triggered by products that bring authentic stories because they perceive them as a trait of exclusivity. Single Origin chocolates are very much fitting that trend: 75% of consumers think that single origin chocolate is more premium and more sustainable compared to standard chocolate. (Barry Callebaut’s own research, US, UK, Japan, France, Germany, 2018)

What is Single Origin chocolate?

Origin chocolate is made from cocoa beans grown in a specific country, region or even a specific plantation (estate). It is due to the climate and soil, together with the techniques of cacao farming and harvesting, that origin chocolates each own a signature flavor profile
Certain countries or regions make beans with outstanding flavor profiles, which earn them the name "fine flavor".
We scouted the world, sourcing beans with extraordinary stories and exceptional flavor potential to offer you a comprehensive range of chocolates and cocoa powders. Read more about them here:

  1. Unique flavor profiles
  2. Organic Single Origin chocolate and cocoa 
  3. Single Origin milk chocolates
single origin chocolate beans ready for fermentation
Pralines made with Single Origin chocolate and exotic prints

Unique flavor profiles

Discover our 4 fine flavor dark chocolates, each of them with a unique flavor profile

  • Madagascar (66% cocoa): Exotic fruit
  • Santo Domingo (72% cocoa): Round, a smooth harmony of sweetness and cocoa
  • Sao Tomé (70%): Intense cocoa 
  • Papua New Guinea (73%): Smoked wood

In our brochure, find out about food pairing tips with these Single Origin chocolates, as recommended by our pastry chefs and chocolatiers.


Single Origin organic chocolates

We selected Santo Domingo for our organic chocolate for its taste and its longstanding history of organic cocoa production of high quality. The beans going into our organic chocolate and cocoa are of the Hispaniola variety (Forastero), specially-fermented beans specific to Santo Domingo with a spectacularly deep and sophisticated flavor.


Single Origin milk chocolate tablet

Single Origin milk chocolates

Consumers’ favorite type of chocolate is milk chocolate. Integrating a Single Origin milk chocolate in your range is a sure way to attract more shoppers likely to upgrade their favorite snack.

Discover our range of milk chocolates with distinctive taste profiles, smoothed with the creaminess of milk

  • Papua New Guinea (33%): smoked wood
  • Ecuador Arriba (41%): soft and caramelly
  • Mexico (42% cocoa): bold cocoa
Single Origin chocolates and cocoa brochure

Download our 'Single Origin Chocolates and Cocoa' catalog

In this brochure, Barry Callebaut will showcase:

  • What is Single Origin chocolate 
  • Consumers are looking for authentic experiences
  • Authentic storytelling
  • Fine Flavor Single Origin chocolates
  • Available Single Origin Chocolate and Cocoa

To download your free copy of this brochure, fill out the form!

Single Origin chocolate and cocoa

Original Cabosse - Chocolate Decorations - Cups - 12 pcs

3D Chocolate decoration cup. Original Cocoa Pod Cup for desserts, confectionery, pastry and ice cream. Made of dark Belgian chocolate. Dimensions are 55 x 117mm. Each pack contains 24 halves.

Mona Lisa Studio
Original Flower - Chocolate Decorations - Flower Plaque - 308 pcs
2D Chocolate decoration, chocolate shape flowers made of white Belgian chocolate with dots of dark Belgian chocolate. Dimensions are 24 x 25mm. Each pack contains 308 flowers. Tip for Easter.
Mona Lisa Studio
Original Bunny - Chocolate Decorations - Bunny Plaque - 224 pcs
2D Chocolate decoration, chocolate shape bunny made of Belgian milk chocolate with dots of dark Belgian chocolate. Dimensions are 23 x 40mm. Each pack contains 224 bunnies. Tip for Easter.
Mona Lisa Studio
Original Geometric Ball - Chocolate Decorations - Ball Shape - 63 pcs
3D Chocolate decoration geometric ball made of dark Belgian chocolate. Dimensions are 25 x 25mm. Each pack contains 63 balls
Mona Lisa Studio

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