Wholesome chocolate: discover our 4 ranges

Providing consumers with healthier and wholesome chocolate choices without sacrificing taste is a key topic.

Consumers care about what they eat ! 

Governments and organisations such as the WHO are taking action to promote a healthier lifestyle and encourage the consumption of healthier products. And that is exactly what consumers are looking for, chocolate with a better nutritional profile, that are fitting their diet (vegan, free-from, …) with ingredients full of goodness.

Taste is still the main purchase driver and Barry Callebaut created healthier chocolate options without compromising on taste and texture. Discover our 4 tasty, wholesome chocolate solutions, answering everyone’s chocolate cravings. 

1 - Sugar solutions for chocolate.

2 - Free-from chocolate solutions.

3 - Organic chocolate, nuts, fillings and more .

4 - Use ingredients full of goodness.

Sweet Solutions - Wholesome Choice

1. Sugar solutions for chocolate

Reduce the sugar content in chocolate by using our sugar solutions and address your consumers’ sugar related concerns. You can opt for gradual, partial or full sugar replacement in chocolate without compromising on the taste. 


2. Free-from chocolate solutions

Whether your products cater for vegan, dairy- or gluten-intolerant consumers, they can indulge with our range of delicious free-from chocolates: 

  1. Vegan chocolate

  2. Lactose-free chocolate

  3. Chocolate without added dairy

special dietary solutions wholesome choiche
Make Them Organic - Wholesome Choice

3. Organic chocolate, nuts, fillings and more 

Organic products are very well perceived by consumers for their freshness, authenticity and natural great taste. Organic is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an expectation. Barry Callebaut believes in responsible food practices and clean ingredients, which is why we offer an entire range of certified organic products.

4. Use ingredients full of goodness

Focus on superfoods and ingredients perceived as naturally good. Discover our range:

  • High protein chocolate: discover here 

  • Goodness of cocoa (nibs, powder, …)

  • Chocolate with a high cocoa or high milk content

Let the goodness stand out - Wholesome Choice

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