Get ready to reduce sugar by 2020:
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sugar-reduced chocolates

Clean & clear sugar reduction

Consumers are more and more conscious about their sugar intake and look for familiar ingredients. At Barry Callebaut, we developed a unique range of chocolates in which we replace added sugars by chicory root fiber. Clean ingredient list, rich in fiber and 100% delicious

Discover our 2 recipes:

  • Only 1% added sugar (dark and milk)
  • Without added sugar* (dark and milk), sweetened with a touch of stevia

*the ‘without added sugar’ claim can only be used in some EU countries. Get in touch with our technical advisors for more information.

Sugar reduced chocolate tablets

But what is chicory root?

Chicory is a plant grown throughout Europe. Its roots are used to make caffeine-free coffee substitute, while its leaves make a great salad. Chicory root is made up of plenty of dietary fiber - inulin and smaller sugar chains of inulin - that we use in our recipe. While this fiber is technically a type of sugar and therefore has a sweet taste, it behaves differently as it has little to no impact on blood sugar levels. Instead, it acts as a prebiotic fiber that feeds your gut bacteria, for better digestion.

More fiber in your diet!

Recently, a number of nutritionists and public health advocates publicly called to increase one’s daily fiber intake from 25 to 30g by eating more fiber-rich foods. And food manufacturers picked it up, with 60% more product launches with a ‘high/source of fiber’ claim between 2014 and 2018 (source: Innova). So, why not indulging in your favorite chocolate treat while increasing your fiber intake?

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Discover our clean label sugar-reduced chocolates

Dark chocolate without added sugars

Delicious dark chocolate in which sugar has been replaced by chicory root fibre (oligofructose) and sweetened with a touch of steviol glycosides, better known as stevia. No laxative warning, rich in fibre. Recipe unique to Barry Callebaut!

Milk chocolate chunks M sugar reduced

A sugar reduced milk chocolate with fiber replacing the sugar, in medium chunk format.

1% Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

Delicious dark chocolate rich in fibre and made with only 1% added sugar. The rest of sugar has been replaced by chicory root fibre (oligofructose). This recipe is unique to Barry Callebaut!

1% Added Sugar Dark Chocolate

Delicious milk chocolate rich in fibre and made with only 1% added sugar. The rest of sugar has been replaced by chicory root fibre (oligofructose). This recipe is unique to Barry Callebaut!

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