Sustainability in Action

Sustainability in action

Sustainability in Action

Since 1996, we've been helping leading brands to build trust and drive impact by fulfilling their sustainability commitments.  Additionally, we can add value by helping customers translate those commitments into consumer messaging in an engaging and meaningful way. Focusing communication on those activities that highlight brand values in a way that personally benefits consumers is a win-win. In this way, we’re adding value for our customers and helping to shape a sustainable future by driving the demand for sustainable cocoa and chocolate products.

Tony's Chocolonely

With incredibly tasty chocolate, Tony's Chocolonely leads by example to show the world that chocolate can be made differently. Barry Callebaut has been a partner on their journey, helping to manage supply chain complexities in order to source fully traceable, segregated sustainable cocoa.

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate tablet
Tony's Chocolonely 5 principles

Tony’s 5 principles for slave-free cocoa, which among other things enables cocoa farmers to earn a sustainable living income. These principles of collaboration must eventually lead to eradicating modern slavery and illegal child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa. Tony’s sold 36 million chocolate bars in the 2017/2018 cocoa season, proving once again that it's possible to do good and be commercially successful.

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