Quality & Service

The D'Orsogna Dolciaria is founded on the research for quality and excellence of products and services, respecting the norms of safety and environment. Experts carefully select the best ingredients and R&D specialists use them to create the ultimate recipes. We are focused on day by day improvement for the purpose of boosting efficiency and satisfying your needs. Our objectives are to improve quality continuously by  advancing our working methods, ethical codes, innovations and objectives.

1. Certifications


Better farming, better future.



Certified sustainable palm oil


2. Respect the demands of all religions

Independent Halaal trust

3. High quality standards with regards to Food Safety

BRC food certificated 


Enabling responsible supply chains

ISO 9001

Certified system

4. A strict Allergen Policy

As to safeguard a correct management of allergenic ingredients, we divided production areas into dedicated spaces for the manufacturing of nuts and almonds, eggs and their derives, milk and their derives, as to avoid  contamination between these ingredients.For more information on our Allergy Policy, please get in touch.

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