Caramel range

Fillings, coatings, decorations & inclusions and more!

Barry Callebaut is well known for chocolate and cocoa, but did you know that we also manufacture high-quality caramels? We offer a broad range of caramel ingredients that will help you create delicious taste experiences.

Caramel fillings

It is always a sweet surprise to bite into a treat and discover its smooth caramel filling. To make this moment even more meaningful, Barry Callebaut has developed caramel fillings especially for confectionery, bakery & pastry, ice cream and dairy. This range includes customizable caramel recipes and premium caramel fillings. Take into account that they have been created with an application purpose to perfectly fit your needs!

Rich caramel-filled pralines
Milk chocolate pralines filled with smooth caramel
Croissants with a soft caramel filling
Croissants with a soft caramel filling

Caramel coatings

In case you prefer an outer caramel experience, try our silky caramel coatings. Finish your bakery and ice cream products with an intense caramel taste combined with an irresistible mouthfeel. Our coatings are resistant to breaking and crumbling, being ideal for glazing and dipping.

Caramel decorations & inclusions

Boost your creations’ visual appeal and give them an extra touch of flavor by including Barry Callebaut’s caramel decorations. Select from our varieties of inclusions and on-top decorations to bring an indulgent taste and color experience to all types of concepts for confectionery, bakery and pastry, ice cream, desserts, and dairy.

Milk chocolate bars decorated with Butter English Caramel pieces
Milk chocolate bars decorated with Butter English Caramel pieces

Caramelized nuts

Chopped blanched almond sablage
Chopped blanched almond sablage

Caramel can take your creations to another level with our range of caramelized nuts. Our nuts are freshly cracked and roasted whole to lock all precious flavors, before being caramelized by hand in copper pans. The authentic taste of nuts combined with sweetness is introduced by our hazelnut, almond and pecan sablages. An organic range of sablages is also available!

Caramel chocolate

Build a unique sensory experience with Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian chocolate with natural golden caramel color and warm flavor. Caramel Doré offers consumers a new taste sensation, based on one of the most popular flavors in the chocolate world - caramel! These attributes come naturally from the process of caramelizing sugar and milk powder, resulting in a marvelous caramel chocolate. 

In addition, find inspiration for the next generation of your applications through our Caramel Milk Chocolate. This chocolate combines the richness of our creamy milk chocolate with the distinctive notes of caramel. 

Both of these golden and brown chocolates are available in liquid form, as well as in callets and drops

Caramel Doré Chocolate and caramel crunches
Caramel Doré Chocolate and caramel crunches

Caramel fillings

Caramel coatings

Caramel Truffle Coating

Creamy caramel truffle coating with a sweet taste and notes of butter.


White compound with milky flavor profile, medium sweet and strong vanilla in the aftertaste. Shows also hints of caramel.

Caramel coating

Silky milk chocolate coating with caramel flavor.

Caramel decorations & inclusions

Little Bunny Caramel Doré

Mini 3D bunny character made of Caramel Doré, the finest Belgian caramelized chocolate.


Delicate crunchy caramel pieces with a burnt, salty, sweet flavor.


Cubes with a unique soft and chewy texture also at very low temperature.These pieces have an intense caramel flavor.


Aerated caramel pieces with a typical beehive shape and coated with cocoa butter.

Caramelized nuts

Organic hazelnut crocant 50/50 2-4mm

Crunchy mix of small Spanish organic hazelnut pieces and organic caramelized sugar for the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy. Medium roasting brings out a delicately toasted, fresh hazelnut taste. In some markets, crocants are better known as ‘bresilienne’, 'pralin' or "praliné pieces". For this product, we only use premium quality Spanish organic hazelnuts.

Chopped blanched almond sablage 5-8mm

Chopped blanched almonds with a thin, crispy layer of caramelized sugar. Stripped off their skin and medium roasted, freshly-cracked premium quality almonds disclose a mild, fresh almond taste and subtle roasted flavors. Deliciously sweet & crunchy! Also available with organic certification.

Organic blanched almond sablage 2-4mm

Chopped blanched organic almonds with a thin, crispy layer of organic caramelized sugar. Stripped off their skin and medium roasted, freshly-cracked Spanish organic almonds disclose a mild, fresh almond taste and subtle roasted flavors. Deliciously sweet & crunchy!

Organic chopped hazelnut sablage 2-4mm

Chopped Spanish organic hazelnuts with a thin, crispy layer of caramelized sugar. Just-in-time cracking and medium roasting bring out a fresh nut taste, with light toasted flavors and a warm golden brown color. Deliciously sweet & crunchy!

Caramel chocolate

Caramel Doré

Discover the mellow and deeply satisfying Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian caramelized chocolate. Combining chocolate creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors, Caramel Doré will surprise you with a tantalizing golden color and hints of biscuit and salt. Indulge in a divine caramel experience!

Caramel Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate with sweet and buttery notes of caramel.

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