Sustainalytics ranks Barry Callebaut at the top for management of ESG risks


Sustainalytics ranks Barry Callebaut at the top for management of ESG risks

Barry Callebaut is positioned as #1 out of 579 companies in the ‘Food Product’ category by Sustainalytics. This is the fourth consecutive year that Barry Callebaut has been recognized as an industry leader in the management of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in our supply chain.

This result once again confirms our leadership position, not only in the cocoa and chocolate sector, but also in comparison to our peers in the broader food and beverage industry.

Barry Callebaut’s overall rankings increased this year in all ESG streams - Environmental, Social and Governance.

Barry Callebaut sustainability top ranking
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The company is at low risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors, due to its high exposure and strong management of material ESG issues…. Barry Callebaut's sustainability endeavors are reflected in the fact that the company's Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating is the lowest in its subcategory and first among its peers.
Morningstar Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating commentary, Barry Callebaut 2022

Stakeholder engagement

Identifying and addressing the key ESG issues facing our business and our approach to addressing these issues requires regular dialogue with our stakeholders. This principle underpins our approach to our non-financial reporting and our materiality assessment which is undertaken every 2 -3 years.

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Transparent Reporting

As part of our commitment to transparency and integrity, we are committed to assessing and reporting on our ESG risks.  We publicly disclose our GRI Reports, which we publish on an annual basis alongside our third-party verified Forever Chocolate Progress Report and Assurance Reports.  We also have a public dedicated page covering a range of key ESG topics that impact our operations and supply chain. This incudes our latest CDP Reports, Human Rights Policy, Supplier Code and Sustainable Sourcing Policies, as well as our approach to reducing deforestation and carbon emissions and child labor

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