The Barry Callebaut Group publishes its third GRI report

Committed to transparency
  • The Group reports on economic, environmental, labor and society indicators of material importance to its stakeholders
  • Report was approved by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to meet reporting standard GRI G3.1 level C

The Barry Callebaut Group – the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – today announced the publication of its GRI report 2013/14. The report details the company’s performance in a transparent manner and across its most important sustainability topics, focusing on the indicators of relevance to the company’s stakeholders.

On social aspects, the Group’s achievements in 2013/14 include the training of 99,000 cocoa farmers, the sourcing of 84,000 tonnes of sustainable cocoa beans from the Group’s own sustainability programs and the participation of 73,600 people in the Group’s community development activities. These are described in more detail in the separate, externally validated Cocoa Sustainability Report.

Following the integration of the cocoa business acquired in 2013, the environmental footprint of the Group increased, with energy use, water use and waste generation higher by 7%, 3% and 2% respectively. At the same time, the energy, water and waste efficiencies (amount per tonne of activity) improved by 0.4%, 4% and 5% respectively.

Under its commitment to promote employee development, the company opened a new management training center in Singapore, expanded the number of training courses offered and increased employee participation by 10%.

The Barry Callebaut GRI report 2013/14 has been checked and approved by the Global Reporting Initiative to meet the requirements of GRI G3.1 level C, including the sector supplement for Food Processing.


About Barry Callebaut Group:
With annual sales of about CHF 5.9 billion (EUR 4.8 billion / USD 6.5 billion) in fiscal year 2013/14, the Zurich-based Barry Callebaut Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – from sourcing and processing cocoa beans to producing the finest chocolates, including chocolate fillings, decorations and compounds. The Group runs more than 50 production facilities worldwide and employs a diverse and dedicated global workforce of over 9,300 people.
The Barry Callebaut Group serves the entire food industry, from industrial food manufacturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate, such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, hotels, restaurants or caterers. The two global brands catering to the specific needs of these Gourmet customers are Callebaut® and Cacao Barry®.
The Barry Callebaut Group is committed to sustainable cocoa production through its “Cocoa Horizons” initiative to help ensure future supplies of cocoa as well as improve farmer livelihoods.

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