Vanilla mango hot & cold

Vanilla mango hot & cold

Vanilla mango hot & cold


Dark Chocolate Tagliatelli

The finest dark chocolate sprinkle in our range, Tagliatelli (L: 3mm), can create the framework to make your creations come to life! These decorations can be used on domes, pastries and plated desserts - it's up to you.

Dark Chocolate Dome

Made with an extra bitter chocolate 64%, Dome makes your dessert an extraodinary chocolate experience. It can be used as a cup, dome or sphere, an infinity of applications is possible. Let seduce your clients with this thin, shiny and smooth shell !

Rectangle Love

The Dark rectangle Love plaque (L: 60, W: 29, H: 2.7mm) has a great Chocolate snap because of its fine texture! This plaque could be used to decorate cakes, domes and even confectionery. It’s perfect for Valentines.

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