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3 mm to 80 mm



Spherical Stars
Fine white stars with a spherical red print. Perfect to decorate cakes and desserts for Christmas celebrations. These stars come in 3 different sizes.
Dark Chocolate Pine Figurettes

The Dark Chocolate Pine Figurettes (L: 45mm) give your creations a festive edge - perfect for Christmas! The Christmas tree shaped figurettes can be used to decorate choux, éclairs and ice creams.

Green Christmas Tree
Christmas tree print on a thin dark cocoa butter based deco. The ultimate decoration for desserts, logs and cakes!
Jura Square Stars
Mona Lisa's ultra-thin white chocolate squares with red stars Jura (L: 30, W: 30, H: 2mm) add depth and festive class to your creations.
Dark Chocolate Snowflake 6cm
Crisp Dark Chocolate Snowflakes, the perfect decoration to add a festive flair!
Reindeer Square Assorment
Assortment of 5 cocoa based thin reindeer, each with a different expression! This fun & festive character brings a smile to your guests, and its 30 x 30mm size is just perfect for patisserie or cakes.
Holly Leaf
The Holly Leaf (L: 40, W: 29, H: 4mm) is perfect for giving your creations a classic Christmas finish. They are thin and have defined edges that bring additional structure to your desserts. We also offer green coloured Holly Leaves.
Dark Chocolate Snowflake 3cm
Crisp Dark Chocolate Snowflakes, the perfect decoration to add a festive flair!
Glitter Stars Assortment
Luxurious thin gold and silver glitter stars for festive desserts or pastries. Combine with glitter log ending for the perfect Christmas log. The stars come in three different sizes.
Red Falling Star
The classic Christmas Falling Stars (L: 51, W: 27, H: 3mm) have an elegant shape which will bring definition to your desserts. These decorations can be used on domes, chocolate logs and pastries. For more ideas, take a look at the seasonal inspiration page.
Christmas tree with stars
Dark Christmas tree with golden stars (L:42, W:30mm) adds a classic finish to your creations. It has a fine thickness, which can bring new textures to your desserts. These decorations could be used on chocolate logs, pastry and even confectionery.
Glitter log plaques
Gold shooting star log plaque (L: 77, W: 80mm) to finish your creation with style. Perfect for New Years and Christmas celebrations. Combine dark glitter stars for a total glitter log look.

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