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Small Heart Bonbon Cups - Dark Chocolate - 300 pieces

Elegant Chocolate Snobinettes (D: 23, H: 26mm), for the perfect bite size dessert. The cups offer endless possibilities: fill them with ganache, crèmes, mousses, caramels or ice creams and finish them off with your favourite decorations or saunites. Everything is possible, so give your creativity free reign.

Chocolate Taco Shells

The perfect size for individual portions:

Just fill and present — each taco is an ideal individual serving size.


High-quality sustainable dark (64%) chocolate:

Premium taste, texture, and snap! From HoReCa and pastry chefs, to ice cream makers — the tacos are designed to be used for all businesses alike.


Easy to fill, for bespoke creations in no-time:

Pick your fillings and load your tacos: that’s all it takes for an eye-catching creation.


Protected from breakage inside blister packaging:

Each taco shell comes in a custom-made blister.


Dark Chocolate Angelo Cups

The Dark Couverture Chocolate Angelo Cup (D: 64, H: 35mm) has perfect round edges. This cup becomes a complete dessert when filled with mouses, creams and ganaches and topped off with fruits and sprinkles from the Mona Lisa range.

Dark Chocolate Mini Cups

Dark Couverture Chocolate Mini Cups (D: 40, H: 14mm) have a ridged structure and a rich chocolate flavour. This cup is perfect for buffets, individual desserts and confectionery.

Dark Chocolate Rectangle Cups

The Dark Couverture Chocolate Rectangle Cups (L: 105, W: 30, H: 24mm) are the definition of sophistication. Their simple yet modern shape is adaptable to all flavours and fillings, and will definitely make your desserts stand out.

Dark Chocolate Marie-Charlotte Cups

Low carved Dark Chocolate Cups (D: 53, H: 35mm) with a handcrafted look hold many possibilities for desserts. Fill them with creams, ganache, mousses or even ice creams to create an indulgent delight.

Dark Chocolate Dome

Made with an extra bitter chocolate 64%, Dome makes your dessert an extraodinary chocolate experience. It can be used as a cup, dome or sphere, an infinity of applications is possible. Let seduce your clients with this thin, shiny and smooth shell !

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cups

Our small Dark Chocolate Espresso Cups (L: 56, W: 44, H:21mm) are the perfect base to create decadent finger desserts. Their shape is optimal for dark origin chocolate mousses, coffee creams, and tiramisu or praline crèmes for ultimate richness.

Dark Chocolate Mini Tart Cups

Mini Dark Chocolate Cups (L: 45, W: 30, H:13mm) are perfect for “finger-food-desserts’’. Fill with ganache, crèmes, caramels, mousses or fruits... anything goes. 100% made of chocolate, they will enrich your desserts in flavour and are a great idea for large events, allowing you to create variety while saving time. Comes in two different pack sizes: either 90 or 390 pieces.

Dark Chocolate Mini Coffee Cups

Dark Couverture Chocolate Mini Coffee Cups (D: 50, H: 45mm). Explore new possibilities using this dark cup: why not try and make plated desserts by breaking the coffee cup? The options are endless! We also sell this product in a larger pack with 45 pieces per unit.

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