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Golden Lips - Chocolate Decorations - Lips Shape - 108 pcs

Chocolate decoration, chocolate shape Lips made of white Belgian chocolate with a full sparkly gold print based on sugar. Dimensions are 23 x 46mm. Each pack contains 108 lips. Tip for Valentine's day.

Power Flowers Beetroot Red - Food Colorants - 50 pcs - From Natural Origin

PowerFlower Beetrood Red 50gr. Red food color based on ultra-concentrated cocoa butter. Color is of Natural Origin, based on beetroot extract. No artificial colors. Tip for Christmas. Tip for Valentine's day.

Colored Cocoa Butter White

Colored cocoa butter White. White food color synthetic liquid. 245gr. Non-Azo.

Raspberry S

Fruit Pieces Raspberry. Red. Dimensions are 4.5x4.5x4.5mm.

Sparkle "Copper"
PowerFlower Sparkle Copper 500gr. Copper food color based on ultra-concentrated cocoa butter. Food colorant of Natural Origin.
Circle Hearts Stencil 13,9 Cm

Stencil Circle Hearts D139mm. Each pack contains 4 stencils. Tip for Valentine's Day.

Power Flowers Non Azo White - Food Colorant - 500gr
Power Flowers White 500gr E171. White food color. Food color based on ultra-concentrated cocoa butter.

Coloring Powder 100g White.

Structure Sheet Honey

Honey Structure Sheet for creating structure on chocolate and confectionery. Dimensions of the sheet are 585x385mm. Each pack contains 15 reusable sheets.

Rhodoid Roll

Clear rhodoid roll 50 mm x 100mtr.

Colored Cocoa Butter Citrus

Colored cocoa butter Citrus. Yellow food color synthetic liquid. 245gr. Azo.

Bronze Powder

Creative Powder 25g Bronze.

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