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Gear up! Next to chocolate decorations, food colorants and transfer sheets, we offer you a wide selection of creative supplies and tools for working with chocolate and more.

Artisanal chocolate creations are at your fingertips. Whether you are a chocolatier, patissier or dessert chef, you can get creative!

Go freeform with our plastic strips and sheets, or use a chocolate mould or blister for easy-to-use, elegant results. Choose from printed blisters for any occasion, such as Easter egg blisters and Christmas baubles, combine chocolate moulds with our food colorants for unique and eye-catching results, or customize your handmade moulded pralines with our transfer sheets

Next to that, we have an array of tear moulds and stencils for cakes and pastries, as well as other practical chocolate tools and more, such as lolly sticks and cooling spray. 

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