& Inclusions
Plated dessert with various chocolate decorations and sprinkles


& Inclusions
A finishing touch.
Our chocolate decorations are available in various shapes, types and sizes, so you'll always have a perfect addition to your bakes and pastries, confectionery, or ice cream and desserts.
Caramel tarts with a chocolate seal with "Caramel" print

Chocolate plaques, chocolate shapes and chocolate shells

Are our favorite ways to personalize any sweet creation, such as chocolate cakes, indulgent desserts and sweet pastries. That's why we design everything ourselves and use the best paints for our chocolate decorations and that's why we support the Cocoa Horizons Foundation with our chocolate. Our team of in-house designers creates a new range of chocolate decorations multiple times per year. This means that we always have a chocolate decoration for every occasion, trend and season! 

Purely chocolate

We love chocolate in all shapes, sizes and prints, as well as on its own. Next to an ever-increasing selection of chocolate decorations with prints made from natural origin, we have also debuted a new range of Chocolate Originals chocolate decorations. These unique chocolate decorations are made from nothing but chocolate, without use of paints or colorants. The Chocolate Originals are really unique in design and finish! 

Chocolate originals plaques on little bombes
Colored cake pops with sprinkles

Top it off

As much as we love chocolate, we have some additional delights to sprinkle over your creations as well! Our colored marzipan crunches are an elegant addition to bakes and pastries, and a fun decoration for chocolate tablets and pralines too. We also have some sugar and fruit crunches which add color, flavor and texture all at once! 

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Small Heart Bonbon Cups - Dark Chocolate - 300 pieces

This heart cup is perfect for more than just Valentine's Day. Whether you fill them and serve or fill and enrobe, both options are a fun two bite sweet treat! (H: 25.4mm, D:25.4mm) 

Dark Chocolate Dome

Made with an extra bitter chocolate 64%, Dome makes your dessert an extraodinary chocolate experience. It can be used as a cup, dome or sphere, an infinity of applications is possible. Let seduce your clients with this thin, shiny and smooth shell !

Pastel marbled Tulip Cups

Colourful Pastel Marbled Tulip Cups (D: 70, H: 64mm) are thin yet rich in chocolate flavour. Every single cup has a unique look due to the innovative production process of the cups. They can be filled with cream, mousse or ganache for rich chocolate flavours.

Dark Coffee Cup

This cup resembles an actual coffee cup which makes it perfect for any drink-inspired filling. (H: 62-66mm, D:70mm) Whip up some coffee-flavored mousse, top with cream and a coffee bean, and serve!

Dark Mini Coffee Cup

This cup resembles an actual coffee cup, but just mini! (H: 43-46mm, D: 50mm) Whip up some coffee flavored mousse, top with cream and a coffee bean and serve!

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