Intense chocolate moelleux

Intense, dark and with runny chocolate at the heart: that's how this mœlleux or lava cake is loved best by many chocolate lovers. For this recipe, chef Alexandre worked with Callebaut®'s Power 80 chocolate to bring out a really solid and powerful chocolate taste in it. You can definitely serve it as such, or side it with a scoop of ice cream or sorbet


Created by
  • Alexandre Bourdeaux - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

Chocolate centres

Ingredients Preparation
  • Q.S.
    Power 80

Pour into Flexipan moulds of ± 2 cm Ø and leave to harden.


Ingredients Preparation
  • 225g
  • 450g
    whole egg(s)
  • 170g
    egg yolks

Beat into a white, creamy ribbon.

  • 450g
    Power 80
  • 350g
    melted butter

Mix in.

  • 145g
    sifted flour

Fold in carefully.

Fill the moulds with the moelleux batter and push a chocolate centre into the heart.
Leave to rest in the refrigerator or store in the freezer. Bake at 180°C for 10-15 minutes depending on the size.

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