Reconnect with a
plant-based world

Caprimo Oat drink powder

Reconnect with a
plant-based world

There’s a new plant-based option oat there. Discover Caprimo Oat Drink Powder, made with healthy oats, it’s the sustainable dairy alternative your customers have been looking for. This oat drink powder is completely vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and free from soya.

Spoil with a plant-based oat drink

Modern-day consumers are looking for drinks that are not only delicious but are healthy and good for the planet as well. They want their products to be clean, clear and responsibly sourced. With Caprimo Oat Drink Powder you can now provide what the next generation of customers is looking for.


Oatsome and ready for vending

No need for special equipment needed – you can offer up to 5 additional drinks from your vending machine right away. Start adding a 100% plant-based cloud in every cup.


Great mouthfeel, neutral taste

Caprimo Oat Drink Powder is a 100% plant-based topping, loved for its neutral taste. It’s completely vegan and made to match the latest needs of your customers.

Oat drink powder

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