A fruity almond holiday treat the whole family will be sure to enjoy!



Ingredients Preparation
  • 454g
    Candied Fruit Blend
  • 75g
  1. Combine & leave room temperature.


Ingredients Preparation

1. Warm the water to 100*F and add in the yeast and milk powder, set aside to foam
2. With a hook, mix together the flour, sugar, salt and spices
3. Begin mixing on low speed while incorporating the eggs
4. Add in the yeast mixture
5. Mix for about 10 minutes
6. Slowly begin to add in the butterlittle by little until each inclusion iswell incorporated
7. Mix the dough on medium speed for about 10 minutes until the gluten is developed
8. Add the candied fruit and mix until they are well incorporated
9. Transfer the dough into a bowl and cover with plastic
10. Allow dough to rise for about 1-1.5 hours until doubled
11. Once doubled, divide dough into 3, incorporating the almonds and almond filling
12. Shape the dough into 3 oval logs
13. Let rise for 45-60 minutes
14. Bake at 350*F for 25-30 minutes until done
15. Brush on melted clarified butter while hot and roll in sugar

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