Winning with Cocoa Horizons - a customer's own story

Through partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, customers can enhance their brand value and differentiate their product offering.

Owning their story

Fair & Square

Communicating on sustainability shouldn’t be dry, statistics filled copy. Your audience will be asleep in minutes and they definitely will not be inspired to get involved or change their behavior. To engage your audience, you need to speak to their valuesFair & Square by County’s Confectionery is doing just that. Their consumer base is interested in the indulgent pleasure that comes from eating delicious chocolate, but they want to feel good about their purchase and ensure it is ethically sourced and positively impacting the communities where ingredients are grown and produced.

Get involved

Via the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and the Cocoa Chronicles we’re helping brands bring the sustainable activities they support to life, enabling them to create their own story. Focusing communication on those activities that highlight brand values in a way that personally benefits consumers is a win-win. In this way, we’re adding value for our customers and helping to shape a sustainable future by driving the demand for sustainable cocoa and chocolate products.

Interested in increasing the trust of your consumers and strengthening your brand’s reputation and value? Contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative and inquire about our sustainability programs.

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