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In Turkey, Barry Callebaut is working with UTZ towards a sustainable hazelnut sector.

Turkey - Working together with UTZ to drive change

Turkey is the biggest hazelnuts producer with around 75% of the global production. In Turkey, hazelnut farming is linked to several sustainability issues, related to labor conditions, and farm productivity. During hazelnut harvest, there is a reliance on seasonal workers. Workers often travel from different regions in Turkey or abroad. They travel from one crop to the next over several months. Their living conditions during the nut harvest are often precarious, as they sometimes lack basic access to health services and proper housing facilities.

Barry Callebaut sources UTZ certified hazelnuts from Turkey. UTZ is working with Turkish hazelnut farmers, to improve agricultural practices to increase their yield, to ensure better living conditions for their employees, and to ensure zero child labor by implementing trainings and monitoring.

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