Sustainability map: discovering the origins behind sustainable ingredients

View a virtual journey of sustainable nut production at La Morella and learn more about our program to support sustainable nut production and farmers in Spain.

Spain - Enjoying fresh, mediterranean, sustainable nuts

Included on the Forever Chocolate journey to 100% sustainable ingredients, is of course chocolate’s best friend - nuts. High-quality nut specialists, La Morella Nuts, have embarked on a sustainable nuts journey. Expanding their offering of fresh, Mediterranean nuts, they now offer organic almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. And from 18/19, they are developing a partnership with their local suppliers to offer a range of local, sustainable almonds and hazelnuts.

The sustainability program will address the challenges specifically impacting Spanish nut farmers and will include training and support to cover good agricultural practices, productivity, as well as environmental concerns - primarily focusing on water conservation and quality, as well as pesticide usage, bee health, and carbon footprint.

As with all of Barry Callebaut’s sustainability commitments, the program will focus on driving impact toward a sustainable future. View a virtual journey of sustainable nut production at La Morella and visit our website to learn more about specialty nut production.

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