How to increase brand value and your own story

You understand the need for sustainability. But how can you make this tangible? Learn how sustainable chocolate can increase brand value and benefit your consumers.

How Barry Callebaut can help

Barry Callebaut is leading a movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm with its Forever Chocolate strategy. One way in which customers can join us is through the purchase of sustainable chocolate products. Supporting our customers in strengthening their brand value based on their contribution to these efforts is just one way in which Barry Callebaut adds value.

Let us explain…

Scaling impact, driving change

In order to help shape a sustainable cocoa and chocolate future, Barry Callebaut established the Cocoa Horizons Foundation as a means to scale impact and drive on-the-ground change in cocoa growing communities. The Foundation collaborates with farmers to understand and address the challenges that can prevent them from having decent livelihoods, driving the next generation away from cocoa farming.

Own your story

Ivory coast supply chain responsibility

Consumers expect brands to take responsibility for their supply chain in order to deliver a quality product they can trust.

Consumer trends highlight the influence that sustainability has on sales growth and leadership for brands, with 66% of respondents willing to pay more for sustainable goods (up from 55% the year before, according to Nielsens’s Global Sustainability Report of October 2015).

However, there is a lot of marketplace confusion and distrust regarding sustainable products. Consumers aren’t sure the meaning behind the numerous sustainability labels, nor how these benefit them or indeed, benefit farmers. That’s why more and more brands are taking ownership of their programs, to ensure impact and have a story to tell that strengthens their brand value.

Ivory coast supply chain responsibility

To improve livelihoods and achieve real progress, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation’s solutions-based approach targets funds toward the most impactful activities spanning two key pillars: productivity and community.

By pooling the resources from its three distinct funding sources (customer premiums, third party donations, and Barry Callebaut contributions) the Foundation can achieve economies of scale. Finally, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation is also helping to drive the demand for sustainable cocoa. How? Via the Cocoa Chronicles.

The Cocoa Chronicles

Without consumer demand for sustainably sourced ingredients, a key link to successfully achieving a sustainable value chain is missing. That’s why we’re assisting customers of our sustainable HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products in translating their efforts and contribution to sustainable sourcing in an engaging and meaningful way with access to the Cocoa Chronicles narratives.

Ivory coast cocoa bean cultivation

By working together with our customers’ marketing representatives, we’re helping brands bring the sustainable activities they support to life, enabling them to create their own story. Focusing communication on those activities that highlight brand values in a way that personally benefits consumers is a win-win. In this way, we’re adding value for our customers and helping to shape a sustainable future by driving the demand for sustainable cocoa and chocolate products.

See how one of our customers brought sustainability to life via the launch of their new brand, Fair & Square.

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