Converting to sustainable palm oil

Barry Callebaut has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011 and recently joined the front running members of the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) in order to build upon the efforts of RSPO to further advance sustainable palm oil requirements. 

In Southeast Asia, the heartland of the palm oil trade, firms of all sizes and sectors face scrutiny from consumers and environmental groups to prove that this cheap, versatile ingredient was not grown at a cost to people or the planet. Although there is always room for improvement, the RSPO certification delivers big impacts against palm oil issues, such as:

  • Stopping native vegetation clearance for palm oil production and the degradation of ecologically sensitive areas (e.g. peatland), as defined through the application of the High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) approach.
  • Protecting rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • Driving positive economic and social impact and overall livelihood improvement for people and communities, including smallholder farmers.
  • Resolving complaints and conflicts through an open, transparent and consultative process.
  • Enhancing transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

It is estimated that 19% of palm oil is grown sustainably and certified by RSPO. The RSPO has developed a set of environmental and social criteria which companies must comply with in order to produce certified sustainable palm oil. Learn more on their website.

Next steps

Consumer insights show that the majority of shoppers prefer sustainable ingredients and will switch to brands with a purpose and a positive impact. Contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative to learn how to leverage more value from sustainability claims and how else our ingredients can benefit your business.

RSPO segregated products

22/24 DP

Lightly dutched, high fat cocoa powder made from high quality West African cocoa beans.


RSPO mass balance products

22/24 DP

Lightly dutched, high fat cocoa powder made from high quality West African cocoa beans.


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