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Professionalized farming in Brazil serves as a global model of farm efficiency and productivity, supporting cocoa farmer livelihoods.

The professionalization of cocoa farming

Brazil is a model by which to spread best practices in cocoa farming. With the greatest existence of professionalized farmers and large farms in Bahia of 23 hectares on average, as well as superior access to high-quality planting material and grafting capabilities, our programs in Brazil focus on cocoa farming as a professional business approach.

Cocoa Brazil

Cocoa plantations showcase highly productive cocoa varieties and serve as demonstration farms to train on best practices. With multiple nurseries to develop and distribute quality seedlings with higher yield potential, we are increasing the accessibility to planting materials for all farmers, a key step in lifting all cocoa farmers out of poverty.

Additionally, higher yielding varieties enable reduced land use - a key step in reducing the carbon footprint associated with cocoa production. Utilizing satellite services, our operations in Brazil are working to trace the direct and indirect cocoa supply to eliminate deforestation from the supply chain.

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