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Discover how we can be your partner for co-creation and make the inspiring Chocolate Experiences of Tomorrow!
Co-creation Days

The co-creation journey

Co-creation is a truly unique journey where we leverage our market and consumer understanding, chocolate expertise as well as our network of trendsetting and creative chefs to build relevant and differentiating brand experiences together.

Why co-creation with Barry Callebaut is a good idea

Co-creation is our philosophy when it comes to partnering with our customers. We bridge the worlds of consumer-grounded conceptual thinking, cross-segment product technology & innovation and chefs’ out-of-the-box creativity to deliver inspirational and unique consumer experiences.

It is a process of a close collaboration that allows us to put ourselves in your brand's shoes. We will support your brand growth by providing both ideas and great quality ingredients.

As 1 plus 1 makes more than 2, we can truly create success stories by combining our knowledge and understanding with your needs for growth.

It all starts with a good brief

We co-create on specific and targeted projects. Hence, co-creation always starts with a clear and sharp brief where key jobs to be done and deliverables are mutually discussed and locked. This defines a cross-functional team involving marketing and R&D from both sides as well as a chef(s) from our network. The team works together to make sure consumer understanding, brand strategy, profound technical expertise and eye-opening creativity comes together for 100% brand tailored ready-to-launch propositions.

Globally accessible

We can support wherever you may wish, thanks to our global network of Chocolate Academy centers.

How to start your co-creation journey?

This unique service is for Barry Callebaut customers only. For more info, get in touch with your Sales Representative.

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