Barry Callebaut makes food coloring simple

Barry Callebaut has developed two brand new Apps: the ‘Food Paint App’ and the ‘Power Flowers App’. If you are looking for food coloring for chocolate, food coloring a cake and other food colorings, stay tuned.

The Food Paint App

Choosing printing colors in itself is easy, but applying the rules that go with them is tougher. Today’s color restrictions are both country-specific and market-specific, which makes the legislation quite complex.

The Food Paint App is your clever assistant. It holds Barry Callebaut’s entire spectrum of food printing colors, from which you can choose à la carte.

With the Food Paint App, we create clarity by converting the complex regulations into an easy-to-use checklist. Select the colors for your project, set the right parameters and it says exactly what colors you can and cannot use internationally. It even explains to you what the differences are in a food coloring and how they affect your ingredient list.

It also features a clever overview of color categories: From Azo and Southampton to From Natural Origin: the App tells you everything you need to know.

IBC Food Paint app

The Power Flowers™ App

Talking about mixing color in food, no other product beats the convenience of Barry Callebaut’s Power FlowersTM. They are much easier to use than food coloring powder.

The success of this food coloring set has led to an App that is just as easy to use.

This Power FlowersTM App is a library of colors. One that inspires and helps you to find your favorite colors to boost your creations.

And there is more: it even checks and double-checks the permitted color quota of your recipe in an instant! It’s a simple and safe backup that deals with all your doubts about rules or restrictions.

You want to color glazing or color macaroons? You are looking for food coloring blue, food coloring brown or any other food coloring? The App features coloring recipes and teaches you how to use Power FlowersTM through video instructions.

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