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Organic is no longer an add-on, it’s an expectation. Barry Callebaut believes in responsible food practices and clean ingredients, which is why we offer an entire range of certified organic products.

Organic = Natural, Simple and Responsible

When it comes to food, all of us love natural products full of taste and flavor. Consumers today want organic farming, products with fewer ‘bad’ ingredients and products that are made responsibly.
All aspects of the product should reflect great respect for consumers health, animal welfare, the environment, and a company’s employees. All of the above create a responsible and sustainable product.
Creations can be labeled organic if at least 95% of their ingredients have been organically farmed. Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines:

  • Best environmental practices
  • A high level of biodiversity
  • The preservation of natural resources
  • All natural substances and processes
Organic Chocolate bars with organic nuts and organic seeds

And what is even better? Products that arise from the pure goodness of nature are tasty as well.

Organic chocolate and Organic nuts

Discover our organic product range

In our organic product range, you can find dark, milk and white chocolate, in either melting chocolates or inclusions. All our products are organically farmed, they are free from fertilizers and pesticides, giving rise to the most authentic taste profiles. They are bursting with cocoa, fruity and dairy aromatic notes. Natural and simple products with a great taste.

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