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100% natural cocoa powder with naturally preserved cocoa flavanols. The cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow. This cocoa powder has a slightly bitter flavor and a light brown color.

Nougat Paste

A light brown nougat paste with small dots of hazelnut skin.Without hydrogenated fats.

Acticoa Mild Plus
A dark chocolate developed with a unique process that preserves up to 80% of the flavanols naturally present in cocoa beans and provides a food company the opportunity to claim flavanol levels with their final product
Organic Dark Chocolate
Organic dark chocolate with 52% cacao.
Organic Dark Chunk
2,000 ct. organic dark chocolate chunks
Organic Milk Chocolate
Organic milk chocolate with 40% cacao.
Organic Dark Chocolate
Organic dark chocolate with 60% cacao.
Coco Niu- Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar 1000
Coconut sugar replaces standard sugar in this dark 1,000 ct. chocolate chip with a healthy halo.
No Sugar Added Dark 1000
No sugar added 1,000 ct. dark chocolate with erythritol, dietary fibers, and stevia.
No Sugar Added Dark
No sugar added dark chocolate flavored compound with maltitol

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