Sweets & Snacks Expo 2022

Sweets & Snacks Expo 2022

NEW! DUAL CLAIM: New Dairy-free Organic Capability

Today, we are excited to reveal the addition of Dairy-free Organic to our industry-leading plant-based portfolio. DUAL CLAIM, dual certified dairy-free organic products, fill a market need, deliver on taste, and are proof of Barry Callebaut’s commitment to a plant-based future

Discover what makes Barry Callebaut the most comprehensive plant-based solution supplier in the indulgence industry.

The Future of Indulgence

Barry Callebaut is excited to share new news about how consumers indulge with their favorite sweet treats! At our new booth, we will reveal how changing attitudes to life affect the way consumers indulge and how they will ultimately shape the future of chocolate experiences.

More information on the Future of Indulgence coming soon!

Product Spotlight


A contemporary line of chocolates expertly crafted to meet the standards of passionate confectioners like you. Accent offers a range of flavors and functionality for your confection needs today.

Discover Accent 

Cacao Fruit Experience

Hone in on health-forward occasions by using the fruit from the cacao pod. 

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Caramel Aura

Drive home a sense of rich indulgence with our caramelized white chocolate.

Explore Caramel Aura 

Nut Butters

Focus on functional foods with our line of nut butters.

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Plant Craft

Provide plant-based, flavor-first solutions with our range of dairy-free chocolate.

Discover Plant Craft 

Trail Mix Inclusions

62% of consumers say they are likely to try a new flavor in snacks–more so than any other CPG category. Trail mix offers a perfect opportunity for consumers to try new flavors. Learn more about trail mix flavor inspiration and market insights by downloading our Indulgent Textures: Trail Mix presentation!

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