Discovering Two Paths to Indulge
at BC Studio

At Sweets & Snacks Expo 2019, the Barry Callebaut BC Studio showcased two paths to experience indulgence. Whether you are drawn to premium offerings or better-for-you chocolates, both journeys can deliver great tasting chocolate experiences that consumers love.

Ruby is here!

Have you heard the news? Barry Callebaut officially launched ruby in North America.

Ruby is the ultimate hedonistic indulgence for consumers, as its luscious smoothness and berry fruitiness offer a new and unique tasting experience.

The ruby flavor is unlocked through the combination of the ruby cocoa bean and our unique processing, which preserves its natural color and flavor.

There are no colors or flavors added.

Chocolate Creations Ruby
Chef with Barry Callebaut Creations

Delightful recipes and flavor combinations showcasing ruby were available throughout Sweets & Snacks Expo and were even paired with a rosé champagne during a special Ruby Reception.

Better-For-You Chocolates

Chocolate granola bite

Consumers are looking for healthier options, so reducing sugar while maintaining great taste is a win- win.

At Sweets & Snacks 2019, Barry Callebaut debuted two new chocolate experiences within their reduced-sugar chocolates solutions product line.

Both of these new chocolate experiences, no-sugar-added chocolate and 1% sugar added chocolate, contain no sugar alcohols and use natural ingredients.  

These solutions are perfect complements to a keto cookie or low sugar granola balls.

Barry Callebaut Granola Bite Close

See the excitement for yourself!

Sweets & Snacks BC Studio Recap Video

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