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Protein claims are growing

Globally, governments, media and social networks are driving health awareness and encouraging consumers to switch to healthier lifestyles. Moreover, increasing numbers of people are adopting vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diets, trying to diversify their sources of protein beyond meat. This led to an increase in consumers’ interest for protein-enriched products, a trend that food manufacturers picked up quickly: in 5 years, launches of products with a protein claim more than doubled, reaching 8000 globally in 2017. And this trend shows no sign of stopping! 

Discover our new chocolates rich in protein

Containing at least 20% of protein, our new chocolates and compounds are high in protein, enabling you to increase the protein content of your products without compromising on taste:

  • Dark compound high in protein - 20% whey-based
  • Milk compound high in protein - 20% whey-based
  • White compound high in protein - 20% whey-based
  • Yogurt compound high in protein - 20% whey-based
  • Dark compound without added sugar, high  in protein - 25% whey-based
  • Milk compound without added sugar, high in protein - 25% whey-based 
  • High protein milk chocolate chip without added sugar - 25% whey-based
  • Dairy-free dark chocolate high in protein - 20% plant-based 

Available in ez melts melting wafers or chips, our delicious protein chocolates and compounds are perfect as inclusions or to enrobe snack bars, as inclusions in breakfast cereals, in confectionery to pan or enrobe healthier snacks, or as inclusions in dairy/non-dairy yogurts.

Protein-enriched products are especially desirable for breakfast and snacking occasions, as well as before or after a sports session, to help muscles recover.

Protein Chocolate bars

Why should you use protein-rich chocolate?

If your current product is not yet enriched in protein:

  1. Make a protein claim: our chocolates and compounds contain 20% protein minimum, so your product needs less reformulation to achieve a higher amount of protein in the overall recipe
  2. Reduce sugar: in our recipes, part of the sugar is replaced by protein, enabling you to decrease the overall carbohydrate content of your product
  3. Keep the same calorie content: our chocolates contain the same amount of calories as ‘standard’ chocolate

If your current product is already enriched in protein:

  1. More indulgence, without more sugar: protein bars often feature a very thin layer of chocolate to avoid increasing the overall sugar content. However, the delicious chocolate taste quickly disappears! With our protein chocolates and compounds, a thicker chocolate layer is possible so you can keep the sugar/carb levels low, without compromising on the taste!
  2. Positive effect on overall product shelf life: many protein-enriched products harden over their short shelf life, due to the high amount of protein in the base. By using protein chocolate, you can decrease the amount of protein in the base. This increases the shelf life, and make the protein baseless dry.


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