BC LIVE: Win the Home Baking Revival

BC LIVE: Win the Home Baking Revival

marit allen headshot

Marit Allen

Market Segment Development Manager, Bakery

Marit Allen is currently the Market Segment Development Manager for Bakery/Pastry with Barry Callebaut. After graduating from the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA, Marit entered the Barry Callebaut Graduate Trainee Program, a two year international rotational program with the goal of gaining expertise in Marketing as well as the chocolate industry. Marit has had the privilege of working in various roles and rotations throughout her 8 years with Barry Callebaut.

chef gabrielle draper

Gabrielle Draper

Lead, R&D Technical Culinary Application

Gabrielle is a passionate and experienced pastry chef known for her love of bridging the worlds of pastry and food science. She is continuously innovating new ideas for customers and inspiring them to think outside the box. She loves to share her knowledge of chocolate with others in the industry and ignite a similar passion for chocolate in them. Gabrielle’s favorite part about the chocolate world is knowing there is science behind everything and there are still endless possibilities to create and inspire.

chef martin diez headshot

Martin Diez

Lead Chef FM and Confectionery

He is a world wide recognized chef for his creative mindset in confectionery, Ice cream and pastry.Martin is constantly traveling the world to give classes around his art and artwork which allows him to always discover new ingredients, meet chefs and experts. He loves to push the boundaries of his chocolate playground, pairing the most fascinating product (chocolate) with hundreds of rare and unique ingredients from all over the world.

becky stasinos headshot

Becky Stasinos

Regional Sales Manager

Becky Stasinos is a Regional Sales Manager at Barry Callebaut for the west coast region, specializing in cocoa products. She currently works with a variety of customers within the bakery, beverage, dairy, confectionery, and nutrition segments providing cocoa and chocolate solutions to meet their business needs. Becky has been with Barry Callebaut for 12 years, working in various sales functions within our Gourmet, FM, and Corporate Accounts business units which has provided her a comprehensive understanding of the business and wide range of products Barry Callebaut has to offer.

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