BC LIVE: Strategies to Win in Indulgence

BC LIVE: Strategies to Win in Indulgence

BC LIVE: Strategies to Win in Indulgence

Join us for an indulgent break as we reveal the strategies to win in indulgence. During this 40-min program, our experts will take us through the Indulgence Playbook, designed to highlight market insights, product solutions and chef huddles that will help your brand tackle the market and win in indulgence. Chef Martin Diez will show how to bring these strategies to life in applications. 

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Chiara Calcagnini

Associate Brand Manager, Barry Callebaut

Chiara Calcagnini first joined BC on the company’s graduate trainee program and has since worked in various digital and brand marketing roles in the EMEA and Americas regions. She is now part of the North American Barry Callebaut brand team where she manages the premium portfolio.

Previous to joining the company, Chiara earned her BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with specializations in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. In her spare time she enjoys being a foodie, a travel enthusiast and a proud plant parent.

Martin Diez

Director, Chef Services Americas

He is a world wide recognized chef for his creative mindset in confectionery, ice cream, and pastry. 

Martin is constantly travelling the world to give classes around his art and artwork which allows him to always discover new ingredients, meet chefs and experts.

He loves to push the boundaries of his chocolate playground, pairing the most fascinating product (chocolate) with hundreds of rare and unique ingredients from all over the world.

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