Cocoa Horizons Progress Report 2022/23

All about the Cocoa Horizons Foundation progress to scale impact and drive change in cocoa farming communities
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Cocoa Horizons Progress Report 2022/23

All about the Cocoa Horizons Foundation progress to scale impact and drive change in cocoa farming communities
The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is scaling impact and driving change in cocoa growing communities, with the help and support of its partners.

Creating impact in cocoa farming communities

Thanks to your support, we have achieved great progress this year. We kept expanding the program reaching more cocoa farming communities and creating a positive impact. Let's celebrate some major achievements:

  • +63% farmers delivering cocoa
  • +39% farmers out of poverty
  • 99% of farmer groups covered with child protection activities
  • 168,348 tons of carbon removals achieved

1 | Productivity to enable cocoa farmers to prosper

We focus on the key enablers - yield, price and size of the farm - allowing higher investment on farm and increased income.

In practice, this means:

  • Providing access to planting materials and soil management;
  • Deploying labor services to support pre-harvest field work;
  • Ensuring farmer’s knowledge on good agricultural practices through graduation and personalized coaching;
  • Providing additional premium to farmers;
  • Supporting income diversification;
  • Securing land rights allowing higher investment on farm.
Labor team pruning cocoa trees

2 | Community to protect children and human rights

Young school girl
You can read on the t-shirt: "I belong to school"

We focus on empowering communities to enable a systemic and lasting change on child protection and human rights.

In practice, this means:

  • Implementing human rights committees and grievance mechanisms;
  • Strengthening child protection systems;
  • Assessing communities’ needs and enabling them to get the necessary investments;
  • Providing income diversification opportunities, including granting women access to microfinance.

3 | Environment to preserve the planet

We ensure due diligence against deforestation and implement low carbon farming practices.

In practice, this means:

  • Mapping farms to make sure cocoa production is not contributing to deforestation;
  • Training farmers on environmental protection;
  • Implementing robust agroforestry systems generating carbon removals and additional income for farmers while enhancing biodiversity;
  • Engaging in landscape initiatives for forest protection and restoration;
  • Supporting our partners to achieve their Science Based Targets related to cocoa in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.
Coach and farmer doing agroforestry

The Cocoa Horizons program is currently present in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia and Ecuador.

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The Cocoa Horizons Foundation

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation is a non-profit organization, third-party verified, highly transparent on premium and methodology, based in Switzerland, established and supported by Barry Callebaut. It’s an impact-driven program with the vision to drive cocoa farmer prosperity by creating self-sustaining communities that protect nature and children. The Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals.*

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