Banana Ganache Molded Bonbons

In this recipe, you'll learn the 'cold method' for creating ganaches which helps preserve the fresh fruit flavor and provides a stable emulsion in our ganache.


Created by
  • Russ Thayer - Lead Digital Chef, Chocolate Academy™ North America


Ingredients Preparation
  • As needed
    IBC yellow cocoa butter
  • As needed
    IBC White cocoa butter
  • As needed
    IBC green cocoa butter
  • As needed
    IBC brown cocoa butter
  1. Using a soft cloth, polish the molds to remove any dust or traces from the previous bonbons.
  2. Pre-crystallize the colored cocoa butter and make sure they are completely melted at 40°C (104°F).
  3. Pour each of the colored cocoa butter into a piping bag and cool them off on the table until reaching 29-30°C (84-86°F).
  4. Transfer them back into the bottles, shake well and place back into the warmer at 30°C (86°F).
  5. Cover the table with plastic film and apply pre-crystallized brown cocoa butter onto the mold using a flecking motion and a gloved hand.
  6. Place the mold upside down onto a paper towel and clean the well.To apply the other colors, utilize a spray gun and a spray cabin.
  7. First, spray the pre-crystallized yellow cocoa butter. It is important to always keep the same distance and angle between the mold and the spray gun in order to have an even application of color in your molds.
  8. After spraying, immediately place the mold upside down onto a paper towel and clean well.Allow the pre-crystallized yellow cocoa butter to set and repeat with the pre-crystallized green and white cocoa butter.
  9. Let the sprayed mold set at 18-20°C (64-68°F) until well crystallized.
  10. Ladle pre-crystallized milk chocolate into each cavity of the mold, remove the excess with a palette knife and tap the mold on the table to remove the air bubbles.
  11. Turn the mold upside down over your melting kettle and using the handle of your scraper, tap the side of the mold to remove the excess chocolate.
  12. Clean the mold well with the scraper and let set at 18-20°C (64-68°F) until well crystallized.

Banana ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 149g
    Banana purée
  • 92g
    liquid sorbitol
  • 21g
    glucose syrup DE 38
  • 1g
  • 43g
    clarified butter
  1. Heat the banana purée, the sorbitol liquid, the glucose syrup and the salt to 30°C (86°F).
  2. Combine the chocolates and clarified butter in a mixing bowl and melt together to 40°C (104°F) in the microwave.
  3. Transfer the melted chocolate mixture to a tall recipient and add the warmed banana mixture.
  4. Blend well with an immersion blender to ensure a proper emulsion.
  5. Scrape to ensure that all the chocolate has been incorporated into the ganache and blend again to remove any remaining lumps.
  6. The temperature of the ganache should be 28-29°C (82-84°F).Pour the ganache into a piping bag and cut a small tip to control the flow of the ganache.
  7. Fill each cavity of the prepared molds, leaving 1-2 mm (0.04”-0.08”) within the top of the mold.
  8. Allow the ganache to crystallize for at least 12 hours before closing the molds with pre-crystallized milk chocolate.Once the chocolate has crystallized, close the mold.Using a heat gun, slightly warm the top of the mold to barely melt the chocolate shells so that when we close the mold with the pre-crystallized chocolate, the two will join together perfectly.
  9. Pour pre-crystallized milk chocolate into the mold and remove the excess with a palette knife.
  10. Make sure that all the molds are completely sealed and place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
  11. Remove from the fridge and slightly flex the mold to start unmolding. Cover with parchment paper and a metal tray, flip it over and tap the mold with a spatula. Carefully lift the molds and transfer the unmolded bonbons to a clean tray. If some bonbons remain in the mold, repeat the same process.
  12. After unmolding, handle the bonbons with soft cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints.

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