Mission: to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities, through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development, which protect nature and children.

In order to help shape a sustainable cocoa and chocolate future, Barry Callebaut established the Cocoa Horizons Foundation as a means to scale impact and drive on-the-ground change in cocoa growing communities. The Foundation collaborates with farmers to understand and address the challenges that can prevent them from having decent livelihoods, driving the next generation away from cocoa farming.

To drive cocoa farmer prosperity, create self-sustaining farming communities, and achieve real progress, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation’s impact based approach targets funds toward the most impactful activities that achieve meaningful change across three key areas: productivitycommunity, and environment.

These activities will enable farmers to lift themselves out of poverty, eradicate child labor, and result in a deforestation-free cocoa supply chain.

Barry Callebaut sells HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products with a premium that goes in full to the Cocoa Horizons Foundation in order to support sustainable cocoa activities. Customers can leverage Cocoa Horizons tools in their marketing, to communicate their participation in sustainable cocoa cultivation to their consumers.

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Caramel Aura for Melting

Caramel Aura is real caramelized white chocolate. No color or flavor added. 

Caramel Aura obtains its signature golden hue and decadent flavor thanks to meticulously selected specialty ingredients: caramelized milk and caramelized sugar. Fine-tuned processing enhances its creaminess, warm caramel notes and rich color, resulting in a memorable flavor-forward experience.

  • Range
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
  • Min. % Dry milk solids
Ruby Chocolate Ice Cream Coating

Ruby chocolate, a true gift from mother nature, is now available in an Ice Cream Coating.  Its fresh and tangy flavor delivers a new taste experience that consumers will love, with the novel ice cream coating crack of texture. 
Ruby provides new pairing horizons for the ice cream market and new tasting experiences in ice cream consumption.

It can be used to enrobe or dip ice cream cones or bars

It works similar to a white ice cream coating in manufacturing. No additional support is required.

  • Range
  • Fluidity
  • Cocoa intensity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
Accent High Cacao Milk Chocolate

Accent High Cacao Milk Chocolate 42.5%. Very creamy, sweet high cacao milk chocolate with balanced notes and smooth mouthfeel.

Accent™ by Barry Callebaut is a contemporary line of chocolates expertly crafted to meet the standards of passionate confectioners like you, with a range of flavors and functionality for all your  confection needs today and tomorrow.

  • Range
  • Fluidity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids

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