Mission: to create a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.

In 2018, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ joined forces to create a single agriculture sustainability standard. The new organization named the Rainforest Alliance utilizes the respective strengths of both former organizations tackling environmental and social issues around the world, including climate change, deforestation, poverty, and unsustainable farming.

The single global certification standard simplifies certification for farmers and empowers companies to build more responsible supply chains, more efficiently. Rainforest Alliance also works to expand advocacy efforts and through new partnerships ensures conservation of entire landscapes in the world's most important cocoa growing regions from Côte d’Ivoire over Brazil to Indonesia.

Barry Callebaut sells Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and chocolate products with a premium.

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Swiss Dark Chocolate, Clean, Clear & Responsible

This pure Swiss made milk chocolate is not flavored and is without lecithin. It is perfect for enrobing and to premiumize your creations.

Swiss White Chocolate, Clean, Clear & Responsible

Signature Swiss made white chocolate that is unflavored and without lecithin. This chocolate has an unmet purity due to the use of Swiss milk and Swiss sugar.

Swiss Milk Chocolate for Molding

Milk chocolate made from only Swiss milk and sugar has a purity and finesse that is unmet. The chocolate is perfect for molding, enrobing and hollow figures.

Swiss made chocolate perfect for molding, enrobing and hollow figures. This chocolate is made with only Swiss milk and sugar and has a low cocoa intensity.

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