Inspiration Guide for Baked Goods

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Decorations Bring the WOW! Factor

Our decorations are designed to differentiate your creations, take them to the next level, and make them stand out against the crowd. Our products add extra color, crunch, and even nostalgia to excite the senses of your customer.

Decorations that Stretch Across Seasons and Occasions

Learn how to use the same decorations across seasons, holidays, and special events. This helps keep costs low and simplifies things for your team.

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Dipped Strawberries

Decorations Drive Profitability

Use this inspiration guide to learn how a few decorations can drive profitability for your business. Customers are willing to pay more for fun, eye-catching products, like those featured in the guide. 

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What's Inside?

  • Decorations that bring the WOW! factor
  • Decorations that stretch across seasons and occasions
  • Decorations that drive profitability
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  • Scarlet Shimmer Flakes

    Scarlet Metallic Chocolate Sprinkles are tasty bits of delicious dark chocolate – finished with the spark of metallic color. All sprinkles have the perfect size for you to add extraordinary detail to any creation: from dessert and bakery to small bonbon! Play with different colors of the Metallic Chocolate Shimmer Sprinkles to create a unique look: Bronze, Pearly, and Scarlet.
    ✔ Finished with metallic color: ready to use!
    ✔ On-trend, instagrammable and festive colors: elevating the taste experience
    ✘ No dusting / No color migration to creams or sponges

  • Natural Carrot Small

    White chocolate molded small carrot using natural colors.

    4 inners per master case, 540 pieces per inner

  • Crispearls™ - White Chocolate - 0,8kg

    Tiny pearls featuring a crispy heart of toasted biscuits covered in delicious Callebaut white chocolate Perfect to add an exciting finishing touch to your desserts or pastries. Can be sprinkled on top of glazed cakes, entremets or desserts to add your elegant touch of pure indulgence. Mixed into chocolate mousse, ice cream or bavarois, they add a crispy chocolate texture to your desserts and remain crunchy Available in the 5 colors: Dark - Milk - White - Salted Caramel - Ruby"

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