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Winter Hot Chocolate Recipes

The best way to warm up this winter is with a cozy cup of delicious Hot Chocolate! The Chocolate Academy chefs are here to help inspire you with a collection of hot chocolate recipes.

These chocolatey recipes are all available to download! Make sure to share what you’re sipping on social media and tag us on Instagram using #HotChocolateAcademy @ChicagoChocolateAcademy  and @ChocolateAcademyMontreal

Praline Hot Chocolate

praline hot chocolate

Botanical Hot Chocolate

botanical hot chocolate

Ruby Hot Chocolate

ruby hot chocolate

Carma Black Zabuye Hot Chocolate

carma black zabuye hot chocolate

Van Leer Hot Chocolate

van leer hot chocolate

Hot Coconuts

hot coconuts hot chocolate

Mexique Chocoalt'

mexique chocolat

Ruby Bomb

ruby hot chocolate bomb

Nuit Blanche Hot Chocolate

nuit blanche hot chocolate

Nutty Hot Chocolate

nutty hot chocolate

Orange Hot Chocolate

orange hot chocolate

Espresso Chocolate Martini

espresso hot chocolate

Callebaut Spice Hot Chocolate

Callebaut spice hot chocolate

Or Noir Rose Street Hot Chocolate

or noir hot chocolate

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