Keto Nut Fillings

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Keto Nut Fillings cookies

Keto Nut Fillings

Add the remarkable flavor and texture (plus Keto-friendly good fats and protein) that come from using nut flour and nut butter as one of your first ingredients.

  • These keto nut fillings are loaded with texture and flavor in a Keto diet-friendly way that consumers will enjoy.
  • Keto nut fillings can be used to add the rich taste and texture of either almonds or cashews in cookies or your favorite bakery applications and recipes. 
  • These keto nut fillings add keto-friendly characteristics to the very center of bonbons and other chocolates or confectionery creations.


American Almond Keto Nut Fillings are made with simple, keto diet-friendly ingredients, including nut butter and nut flour that can be used in bakery and confection creations!

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