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Caprimo Creamer
Take rich & milky taste to the full. Caprimo Creamer is a, non-dairy powder delight with a well-balanced fat content of 35% for a nicely rounded, perfectly smooth and gentle taste that adds body to any cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. All while avoiding clogging in your vending machine.
Caprimo NDC Whitener
Dissolves smoothly. Does more with less. Caprimo NDC Whitener is a non-dairy whitener with a creamy taste and perfect solubility. Its outstanding functionality makes it a fantastic substitute for milk. And due to its low dosage, it's very economical in use!
Caprimo Whitener
Dissolves smoothly. Does more with less. Caprimo Whitener is a well-loved, a and high-quality powder alternative to fresh milk. This premium delight is especially rich in protein, and has a briliiant white colour and deliciously round taste. Round off your coffee, tea or hot chocolate edges with this amazing addition to your vending machine.
Le Royal Whitener 30%
Le Royal Whitener gives any hot chocolate beverage, coffee or tea extra fullness and a creamy taste.
Le Royal

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