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Van Houten VH6 Hot Chocolate Drink combines an intense taste of Cocoa Horizons certified cocoa with the smoothness of real milk and a long-lasting milk foam. And because it's conveniently packed in portion sachets, consumers will get the same great taste with every cup!

Van Houten
VH Fairtrade Choco Drink 10 x 25 g

Van Houten Fairtrade chocolate drink
This harmonious combination of Fairtrade cocoa powder and our specially selected Fairtrade sugar gives this drink a smooth and full bodied flavour. The Fairtrade/Max Havelaar mark is your independent guarantee that this Choco Drink is traded in accordance with international Fairtrade standards.

Van Houten

Looking for the perfect mild hot chocolate drink with a delightful foam? Van Houten VH10 milk chocolate drink boasts 13% cocoa, along with a rich & creamy mouthfeel and homemade looks that appeal to all types of consumers.

Van Houten

Van Houten VH15 is an authentic milk chocolate drink combining the creamy taste of milk, rich cocoa body and pleasant sweetness into a well-balanced and lovely taste experience! The balance between lovely chocolate and milk makes this drink a choice for milk chocolate enthusiasts alike. Because it's Cocoa Horizons certified, it's your sustainable choice!

Van Houten

A charmingly sweet chocolate treat with a mild cocoa flavour, harmonious milk taste and attractive foam top. If you are looking for the best hot chocolate drink with a milky & sweet taste, Van Houten VH4 is the right drink for you. Because it's UTZ certified, it's your sustainable choice!

Van Houten
Indulge in a harmonious hot chocolate drink with a strong cocoa flavour and the smooth taste of milk. Van Houten VH1 is the original chocolate delight – and therefore one of the most preferred milk chocolate drinks in Europe! On top of that Van Houten cocoa is UTZ certified, and therefore always a sustainable choice!
Van Houten
VH FT Choco

Van Houten Fairtrade Choco Drink boasts a harmonious combination of Fairtrade cocoa powder and carefully selected Fairtrade sugar for a smooth and full-bodied dark chocolate taste of 22% cocoa. This hot chocolate drink is Cocoa Horizons certified, which makes it the sustainable choice!

Van Houten

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